March 9, 2017: More deregulation!

On Thursday, March 9, 2017, the administrator of the EPA doubted that carbon dioxide causes global warming. I’ll say that again: On Thursday, March 9, 2017, the administrator of the EPA doubted that carbon dioxide causes global warming. This is obviously pretty crazy stuff. What is interesting here is that essentially nobody denies that the greenhouse effect exists. Conservatives tend to argue that we don’t know the extent of the impact or how much anthropocentric greenhouse gas emissions affect larger planetary cycles. This is different and this is radical. There are rumors of rollbacks on auto standards as well as more executive orders on climate and energy coming. Stay posted.


Senate votes to eliminate BLM land management regulations

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to eliminate BLM’s “Planning 2.0 Rule”. The rule attempted to increase public involvement in the process of managing land in a variety of ways, as well as to “modernize” the land management process more generally. Conservatives and industry groups have criticized the rule since its instatement towards the end of the Obama administration because it gives the federal government too much authority over management decisions better left to the states or other local governments. Interestingly, Congressional Republicans have supported other measures that enhance “public transparency” on regulations when the intended action is to prevent further regulations.

This is the third environmental-related regulation elimination ace under the Congressional Review Act to pass both chambers and make it to the President’s desk.


Quote of the Week:

“Even if every one of Obama’s environmental regulations—the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards; the Cross State Air Pollution Rule; the Coal Ash Rule; the Effluent Limitations Guidelines for wastewater discharge, and section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act —were all struck down tomorrow, the effect on jobs in Appalachia would still be negligible”.

– Politico


Author: Jared Sousa

Macalester College '2017, Political Science and Environmental Studies

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